Murder on the Menu

War-hero, huckster, showman and womanizer extraordinaire, Frenchman André Surmain has defied the critics and pulled off something really quite remarkable - forging a reputation for the Lutèce as the finest restaurant not just in New York but in the whole of the United States.

A French Affair


A word or two with the world’s greatest mime, Marcel Marceau? A chat with Brigitte Bardot? Insights from France’s top business leaders – or from British ex-patriots beating the French at their own wine-making or gastronomic games?

A French Affair


Born in Germany in 1936, three year old Susi Bechhofer and her twin sister Lotte were among thousands of children evacuated on the now famous Kindertransport as the country fell into the cruel grip of Nazism. Adopted by the Manns, a childless Welsh Baptist minister and his wife on their arrival in Britain, the two girls were given a new identity in an attempt to erase all traces of their previous existence: Susi and Lotte became Grace and Eunice.

Rosa's Child


On the beautiful island of Jersey, the wealthy Newall family were the epitome of success; Roderick, the eldest son, was a handsome Royal Green Jackets lieutenant, his younger brother, Mark, was a financier. On the night of 10 October 1987 Nicholas and Elizabeth Newall went out to dinner with their sons to celebrate her 48th birthday. It was the last time that the parents were seen alive. Sometime during that evening, they were bludgeoned to death at their home, their bodies removed, leaving only bloodstains behind.

Murder in the family

ONE BLOODY AFTERNOON - The Hungerord Massacre

Nothing has ever happened like Hungerford. The years do not lessen the shock the nation felt at the news of Michael Ryan’s massacre of innocent people on the streets of this picture-postcard town.

What, on Wednesday 19th August 1987, made this loner put on paramilitary kit, arm himself with a Beretta pistol, an M1 carbine and a high-velocity Kalashnikov rifle, and drive the beautiful Savernake Forest to find his first victim? Here he shot dead an ebullient, attractive mother of two young children, as they picnicked in the sunshine. Why did sixteen men and women, including Ryan’s own mother, have to die on that stiflingly hot summer’s day?



There are many examples in the history of British politics of inter-party cooperation or pacts but nothing quite like the Liberal/Social Democratic Alliance. The Alliance sought to change the political landscape itself by replacing the two-party system and the ‘single member - simple majority’ electoral method, with a system of proportional representation.

Inside the alliance